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What We Offer

Here at Maple Knoll Farm we offer a variety of products including

raw goats milk, fresh eggs, maple syrup, and jellies and pickles.

In addition to that, we also have seasonal vegetables and berries available at various times of the year. Shipping for some products is available for the cost of the product plus shipping cost. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in having us ship something to you.  Find out more about what we have to offer below!

Farm Tours

Come meet our goats and learn more about the farm! Tours are available for individuals or groups and are great for school groups and those wanting to learn more about working farms and self-sustainability. Call us or stop by to arrange a farm tour!

Goats Milk

We offer fresh raw goats milk year round. Milk is sold in quarts and is priced at $4.00 per quart. 

Fresh Eggs

Fresh brown eggs are available year round for $4.00/dozen.

Maple Syrup

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is available in all grades and sizes year round for the following prices: 

Pint - $10.00

Quart - $17.00

Half Gallon - $28.00

One Gallon - $48.00

Jams, Jellies & Pickles

All of our canned goods are grown in our gardens with organic practices and are processed here by JoAnn. We have several flavors of jams and jellies available as well as wonderful Bread and Butter pickles. Stop by to take a look at what we have!

Seasonal Produce

Seasonal vegetables available starting in the spring with Asparagus and ending in the fall with pumpkins and winter squash. Throughout the spring, summer and autumn we have a wide variety of seasonal vegetables with great bounty. We also have wonderful blueberries and blackberries when they are in season. Come visit us to find out what we have available! 

Goats for sale

Purebred Registered Nubian goats are offered for sale at different times of the year. Doelings and bucklings (kids), bucks, whethers, and occasionally milking does will be available. Babies are bottle fed and handled very regularly and are very gentle and tame. If you're looking to add to your herd of milkers, or raise for meat, or even to purchase as pets or companions, we can help! Call us for availability. 

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