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About Us

The Farm

Maple Knoll Farm is a small and sustainable working farm that dates back to before 1792. Now owned and operated by Victor and JoAnn Jarvis, it is located on US Route 5 along the Connecticut River (between Exit 7 and 8 off of I-91).

One delightful feature of this farm is that it is situated on the natural migratory bird corridor and bald eagles, hawks, and Canada geese are frequently seen here.


There are breathtaking views of the Connecticut River and Mount Ascutney, and our extensive flower beds create a definite New England cottage theme. 

We provide many wonderful fresh products including fresh raw goats milk, all sizes and grades of maple syrup, fresh eggs, seasonal vegetables, and homemade jellies and pickles.

Farm tours are available for individuals as well as groups during which you get to meet the goats and learn more about the farm and sustainability skills that we put into use.

Maple Syrup and Sugaring

One of the first buildings we built was the Sugar House, which was built 15 years ago. Victor cut down trees from the farm, then had the wood milled, stacked, aged, and dried. From there, we waited an extra year and then built what is now our beautiful post and beam sugar house. 


Victor first experienced sugaring as a young boy in the early 1950's with his great-uncle on his great-uncle's farm. It was then that the dream was planted. Riding on a sleigh behind horses, he collected sap and a master sugar maker was born.


Today, our sugar house is equipped with a modern stainless steel evaporator and equipment that produces the rich and pure maple syrup that keeps folks coming back year after year. We provide pure Vermont Maple Syrup in all grades and sizes year round so be sure to stop in and pick some up!

Our Goats and Raw Goat Milk

When we decided on a dairy animal, Nubian Goats made the most sense, as they produce the sweetest and best tasting milk. Although they are among the larger breeds of goats, Nubians are gentle, affectionate, and easily handled.

Goats are undoubtedly the cleanest dairy animals. They are selective feeders, yet are adaptable and very hardy. They thrive and reproduce with simple and consistent care. 

The offspring (Kids) are energetic and have radiant personalities and will captivate anyone who meets them.

They have  an infections wide-eyed innocence, precious alertness, tail -wagging sweetness, and instant love and trust.


Adult goats aim to please their caregivers with heads held high, direct eye contact and an alert and friendly demeanor. They know how to recognize you as a friend and respond to love and care like no other farm animal. 

Nubian goats are the most versatile and unique animals we have ever encountered. Our goal is to provide the best care for our herd, to educate and introduce you to man's first domesticated friend, companion, and the sweet-tasting milk.

Our dairy is a state inspected tier 1 facility. 

Stop by and visit the herd or as we call them, "the girls."

We'd love to see you and show you around!

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